Free File Unlocker

Free File Unlocker 4.0

Interesting free utility to unlock files and folders that are in use or blocked

If you have ever wanted to delete, copy, or move a file or folder and got a message saying that it is being used by another person (1), the access is denied (2), or there has been a sharing violation while your PC is not on a network or no other user is connected (3), then you need Free File Unlocker. This free effective tool can unlock any process, file, or folder, and even terminate malware programs so that you can access them and perform whatever action you need to perform.

Its seamless integration with Windows Explorer will allow you to unlock any item just by right-clicking on it and selecting the desired action from the context menu. Alternatively, you can also run Free File Unlocker from the command line, or benefit from the extended functionality that the program’s main interface offers you, such as the possibility of searching for all locked items with just one click. A portable version is also available, so you can carry this useful utility with you at all the time.

The program’s main interface (in its standalone version) is fairly easy to use. If you happen to know which files or folders need unlocking, you can select them by browsing your internal and external drives from here. If you don’t, you can locate any locked file by using the above-mentioned “Find Locks” feature. All locked items will be listed in the program’s main panel together with some useful information, such as the file name, the process file and Id, its handle, file size, etc. Once you have identified the locked file or folder, all you have to do to unlock it or to kill the process involved is click on the “Unlock” or the “Kill Process” icon. Once unlocked, you can delete, rename, copy, or move them without leaving Free File Unlocker. If for some reason, any of these actions cannot be carried out right away, the program will automatically schedule it for the next reboot.

It is that simple and effective. Free File Unlocker is one of those utilities that we should all have installed on our computers and USB devices to avoid unnecessary delays and to get rid of malware threats in the most straightforward and simple way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Can be accessed via the context menu
  • Effectively unlocks blocked processes, files, and folders
  • Allows you to copy, move, and rename locked items
  • Terminates malware programs


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