Free File Unlocker

Free File Unlocker 5.12

Immediately delete locked or busy files and folders

Free File Unlocker is a Windows utility which provides you with a simple solution for deleting files and folders that are locked, undeletable or being used in a program from your PC. The tool brings you an intuitive interface, is available in various languages, and immediately completes any given task.

Besides helping you delete locked or undeletable content from your computer, this program also enables you to rename, copy or move the files and folders in question.

After you import the file or directory you want to unlock, simply choose the type of task you wish to complete (delete, rename, copy or move). There's also an option to check if one file or the contents of a directory are locked.

Another important advantage is the fact that it's fully integrated with Windows Explorer. To be more exact, you can unlock content by right-clicking the file or folder in question and selecting the "Unlock With Free File Unlocker" option. Hence, you won't need to launch the program every time you need to unlock a file or directory.

The only thing that bugs me about this tool is that its name suggests an incorrect information. The program isn't free of charge, you can clearly see that on the homepage of the developer too. Still, the acquiring price is quite reasonable and definitely worth it if you plan on working with Free File Unlocker often.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Localized in various languages
  • Fully integrated with Windows Explorer
  • Fast processing speed
  • Can also be executed from the command-line


  • The program isn't actually free, as its name might lead you to believe
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